Celebrate With Yutzu!

Dearest Yutzu followers,

More specifically, UWO Yutzu followers! Students, put down your books for a second, take a study break, be creative and get your mind on some happier thoughts! Indeed, exams are important, however so is sanity and we all know that study breaks are crucial and why not take a few breaks to Celebrate With Yutzu!  --For a chance to win a $200 gift certificate to the UWO Bookstore!
Create a very simple Yutzu sending greetings to Friends & Family and share it with all.
Check out the Yutzu below and be sure to e-mail for detailed instructions:

Use a couple of your study breaks and take the time to slowly build up your Yutzu and who know, you may just win that $200 gift certificate!
Worth it? I think so!

Good Luck to all on exams and those finishing up assignments to wrap up the semester!
Happy Holidays!

The Yutzu Team

Yutzu News

Dear Yutzuers!

Hope everyone has been acquainted with the new feature of Yutzu, the Yutzudoc.  If you have not yet had the chance to play around with it, please check it out!  If you need any help, check out the “How to Yutzu” below:

While you are on Yutzu, make your way to the showcase for news updates.  Finally the NBA lockout has come to an end! NBA executives and coaches will be allowed to start talking to league players starting Monday at 9 a.m. More info is features on the Yutzu showcase!

In other news, Yutzu has been connecting with local London, Ontario organizations and is continuing to assist in the education department!

Stay tuned and into Yutzu,

The Yutzu Team

Yutzu visits Oakridge Secondary School!

Dear Loyal Yutzu Followers,

Yesterday some members of the Yutzu team met up with a Social Studies, History and English teacher from Oakridge Secondary School to discuss the potential incorporation of Yutzu into his classroom.

The teacher was extremely enthusiastic from the get-go and we were looking forward to showing him how Yutzu works instead of just describing it to him. The worst possible scenario happened: their internet wasn’t working! We could sign in, but we could not actually navigate Yutzu to show its cool features, such as Yutzudoc. We even tried the library, but we couldn’t catch a break.

Still enthusiastic about Yutzu, the teacher agreed to play with Yutzu from home and told us he’d be in touch, so he could have us in to give a tutorial to his students.

Let’s hope the internet works this time.

Keep on the Yutzus!

The Yutzu Team

NEW: Yutzudoc.


Dear Yutzuers,

For all you avid and native and new Yutzu users, some of you ma have been thinking that it seems like the y-pad has gone missing.  Not to worry, all of your hard work has been saved and it still there!  The y-pad feature has been changed to the new rich editor that allows you to create a Yutzudoc.  

Away with the saving issues of the old y-pad as new Yutzudoc saves the day!  The Yutzudoc. editor will always automatically save your work, but if you decide to get out of editing your document before an automatic save, the system will not allow you to leave and will display a message saying that the changes are not saved.  What a great improvement, you will never lose any of your work again!

If there are any confusions and if you would like to learn more about this change please take a look at the “How to Yutzu” manual below!

Thanks again for your patience during the maintenance.

Hope you enjoy and take advantage of the new improvement!!


The Yutzu Team

Yutzu has been busy!

Dear Yutzu Followers,

We have been quiet as of late but do not despair, we have not forgotten our loyal followers. Yutzu has been very busy and gaining more exposure, so we'll keep you informed.

Recently at the National Congress of Bloggers (EBE), one of the Yutzu creators based in Spain was interviewed. It seems fitting that Sergio Rus was interviewed as Yutzu is an online tool that can be used by bloggers as well. To see the full interview, please click on the link below.

Also, Yutzu has been introduced to high schools based in London, Ontario.  Teachers have been exploring ways to incorporate Yutzu in their classrooms  and creating a new avenue of communication with their students. This is an exciting new chapter and we simply cannot wait to see where this goes.

We will continue to keep you updated.

One last thing loyal followers:  Have YOU Yutzu’d today?

Yours truly,

The Yutzu Team

What can you do with Yutzu?

A better question might be... what can't you do?

Yutzu has been growing steadily since going live just over 3 months ago.  We've added a number of Tools to the Toolbox to improve the interactivity of the Yutzu experience, and to help you compile information on the Web into an organized portfolio which you can easily share with others.  We thought we'd take this opportunity to remind you of a few of these Tools, in hopes that you'll respond by letting us know which are your favourite, and why?

Yutzu users will know that you can import Pictures from Flicker, Videos from Youtube and Information from Wikipedia.  What they might not realize is that they can now add Slides from Slideshare as well, which is great if you have a conference presentation you want to share with a wider audience.

The YPad is Yutzu's interactive space in which users can work together to write about a topic, import photos and videos directly into the Ypad and create a document that can be shared with others.  This tool is a great way for teachers to inspire group projects in or out of the classroom, as users can work together in real time from any location!

The Forum tool is a newer addition to Yutzu.  It allows users to ask a question in their Forum Topic and for others to discuss their opinions in response.  One of the great things about Yutzu is that you can open your ideas up to the public, so anyone who is interested in your topic would be able to answer your query!

Finally, don't forget to track the social status of your topic using Social Buzz, a Tool that aggregates recent updates on Twitter that include a specific phrase related to your topic.

Let us know what your favourite Tool is, and why!!

The Yutzu Team

FORUM: The new tool from Yutzu!

Dear Yutzu Followers,

 The team here at Yutzu would like to invite you to try out the newest tool: FORUM

 The FORUM tool allows users to ask each other questions in an organized manner, and is great if Yutzu is being used to run a class, to conduct a poll or to invite others to discuss a topic of your choice.  To try out this tool, click on the FORUM feature under TOOLS in the toolbox of your Yutzu.  Create a Topic for your FORUM and add a short statement detailing what information you're hoping to compile in this space.  Click 'Save' and the new FORUM topic will be added to the Yutzu, and others will be able to add information to the site in a conversational manner!

 To see an example of FORUM being used in a classroom setting, check out the Yutzu for a 2011 Digital Humanities course offered at UWO:  http://tinyurl.com/5tjzhws.

 Let us know what you think of FORUM, and don't forget to let us know about the new and exciting ways that you are using Yutzu!


The Yutzu Team

Marketing Competition

Get Ready to Win $500!

The CulturePlex Lab is holding a competition to create a marketing strategy to help get the word out about Yutzu!  You have a chance to win $500 plus a summer internship at the CulturePlex Lab to see your ideas in action.  Check out the link for more information: http://www.yutzu.com/en/5395/yutzu-marketing-competition/.  Submissions are due April 15th, so get your ideas together and help us to tell others about Yutzu!

Also check out the Yutzu that has been created about by ProNatura Veracruz: http://tinyurl.com/4k648fr. This tourist group provides tours of this Mexican state that show off the local nature and architecture so that visitors get a true understanding of local culture.  If you are familiar with the area, they would love your help to collaborate on this Yutzu, and if you are heading to Mexico and looking for a great way to spend a day, this is one Yutzu you won't want to miss!

The Yutzu Team

Yutzu in the classroom

Dear Yutzu followers,

 The collaborative atmosphere of Yutzu is making its way into the classroom!

 Teachers are using Yutzu as a place that their students can collect work on a topic and share it with each other to build a project as a class.  For example, schools in Spain are using Yutzu to document a field trip taken to the Alhambra heritage site in Granada: (http://www.yutzu.com/en/5386/ruta-del-califato/#/pictures).

 Students can share their photos and videos with each other, and use Yutzu to get online information about the art of the Muslim Civilization in Southern Spain. After their field trip, they could continue to work within Yutzu, and use the YPad feature to document their trip and write an article about what they learned to share with other Yutzu users.

 If you are using Yutzu in the classroom, please let us know!  We'd love to hear all about it: contact@yutzu.com.


The Yutzu Team

Yutzu's New Tag Cloud

Dear Yutzu followers,

The team here at Yutzu are pleased to announce that they have incorporated TAGS as new way of searching and organizing your Yutzu creations!

The tags in Yutzu are user generated, you simply click "Add Tag" on the right hand side of your screen and add words that are associated with your Yutzu.  You can add as many as you like, and each will help other users to find your creation.  The TAGS are then added to the TAG CLOUD, a small sample of which now appears on the homepage: www.yutzu.com. For a complete list of TAGS, visit the TAG CLOUD page: http://www.yutzu.com/tagcloud/

(You can also do this by clicking "more" at the end of the tag cloud that appears on the home page.)

TAGS are useful for helping to create groups of Yutzus, as you can see by looking at the various creations tagged "world heritage site"... Check out these great travel destinations!

Be sure to let us know what you think of the latest additions to the Yutzu page!


The Yutzu Team