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UN to allow release of $1.5bln in frozen funds
The United States and South Africa struck a deal Thursday to allow the release of $1.5 billion in frozen Libya funds for humanitarian aid and other civilian needs, UN diplomats ...
Planet made of diamonds discovered: astronomers
Astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond racing around a tiny star in our galactic backyard.
Deadly casino attack in Mexico kills at least 52
Government offers $2.4M reward for info leading to assailants after 52 killed in arson blast.
Hurricane Irene to hit eastern Canada on Sunday
Hurricane Irene is threatening to deliver another blow to the already shaky US economy, with one forecasting firm predicting Friday that it could cause up to $10 billion in damages.
Vancouver landlords discriminate against gays, single parents: study
A new UBC study reveals that same-sex male couples are nearly 25 per cent more likely to be rejected than heterosexual couples. Single parents (dads and moms) also face a ...
British Columbia votes to rid the HST
British Columbians have voted to scrap their Harmonized Sales Tax, Elections BC announced Friday.
Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, replaced by Tim Cook
Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of tech giant Apple Inc., announced Wednesday that he is resigning immediately after years of health problems.
Gaddafi urges followers to 'destroy' rebels
The CBC reports that Moammar Gadhafi has called on Libyan forces loyal to him to "destroy" the rebel forces who have driven him into hiding.
Hurricane Irene aims for east coast Canada and the U.S.
Hurricane Irene gathered steam Wednesday as it lashed the Bahamas with winds of 195 kilometres an hour and barreled along a path that threatens the populous U.S. east coast.
15-gun salute for Layton's Ottawa farewell
Jack Layton was saluted by 15 guns, a round of O Canada and John Lennon's Imagine as his casket left Parliament's Centre Block Thursday.
Google to pay $500m over Canadian drug adverts
Google is to pay out $500m to avoid going to court over claims it made hundreds of millions of dollars out of adverts from Canadian pharmacies illegally selling prescription drugs ...
Israeli air strikes test Gaza truce
Three Palestinians killed, amid calls from Hamas for the international community to intervene.
Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver lead in commute times: StatsCan
The average Canadian worker spends more than 110 hours a year behind the wheel of a vehicle, sitting on public transit, riding a bike or depending on their own two ...
North Korea and Russia to hold nuclear talks
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Il is on Wednesday expected to meet Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a Siberian military base for secrecy-shrouded summit talks on energy and food aid.
New privacy controls released on Facebook
When the changes are introduced on Thursday, every time Facebook users add a picture, comment or any other content to their profile pages, they can specify who can see it: ...
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