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Hurricane Irene to hit eastern Canada on Sunday
Hurricane Irene is threatening to deliver another blow to the already shaky US economy, with one forecasting firm predicting Friday that it could cause up to $10 billion in damages.
Vancouver landlords discriminate against gays, single parents: study
A new UBC study reveals that same-sex male couples are nearly 25 per cent more likely to be rejected than heterosexual couples. Single parents (dads and moms) also face a ...
British Columbia votes to rid the HST
British Columbians have voted to scrap their Harmonized Sales Tax, Elections BC announced Friday.
Hurricane Irene aims for east coast Canada and the U.S.
Hurricane Irene gathered steam Wednesday as it lashed the Bahamas with winds of 195 kilometres an hour and barreled along a path that threatens the populous U.S. east coast.
15-gun salute for Layton's Ottawa farewell
Jack Layton was saluted by 15 guns, a round of O Canada and John Lennon's Imagine as his casket left Parliament's Centre Block Thursday.
Google to pay $500m over Canadian drug adverts
Google is to pay out $500m to avoid going to court over claims it made hundreds of millions of dollars out of adverts from Canadian pharmacies illegally selling prescription drugs ...
Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver lead in commute times: StatsCan
The average Canadian worker spends more than 110 hours a year behind the wheel of a vehicle, sitting on public transit, riding a bike or depending on their own two ...
Turmel vows to stay on until NDP chooses leader
NDP interim Leader Nycole Turmel thanked Canadians for their support Tuesday following the death of Jack Layton and she vowed to carry on his work.
Jack Layton passes away at 61
Jack Layton, the New Democratic Party leader who led his party to Official Opposition status in this year’s federal election, has died after a battle with cancer. He was 61.
New stimulus seen if recession hits Canada: Finance minister
Canada would consider fresh stimulus for its economy if it slipped into recession, its finance minister said on Saturday, a move that could complicate plans to return to a balanced ...
Stephen Harper heads to Honduras for trade talks
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is heading to Honduras on Friday for a short but historically important visit that will wrap up his six-day Latin American tour. 
Flaherty sees 'will to act' on world economic woes
European and American leaders have demonstrated they have the "will to act" but more needs to be done to rein in global debt and deficits, Canada's Finance Minister Jim Flaherty ...
Harper's free trade talks with Colombia draw criticism
Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched a spirited defence Wednesday of the new free-trade agreement with Colombia — saying that long-standing security risks in the country are improving, and opponents of ...
Ottawa orders remaining Libyan diplomats to leave
Ottawa has declared all remaining Libyan diplomats persona non grata and ordered them out of the country "immediately."
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