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Jonathan Swift and the Technologies of Public Discourse
A reflection upon the implications of the Swiftian critique of technology for Digital Humanities. What can an 18th-century cultural conservative tell us about the state of 21st-century scholarly innovation?
Digital Creativity (DH 2121G)
Study creativity and innovation where it happens! Grounded in contemporary theories of creativity, you will examine actual cases of innovation in fields like sports, fashion, cooking, theater and the Internet. ...
Dr. Glearning
Dr. Glearning is a platform that addresses the need for (higher) educational applications that reach the students. It provides a flexible framework to create mobile games for a new teaching ...
El Gracioso en el Teatro de Calderón (Doctoral Dissertation of Miriam Peña Pimentel)
El Gracioso en el Teatro de Calderón: un análisis desde las Humanidades Digitales (Tesis Doctoral de Miriam Alejandra Peña Pimentel)
Digital Humanities @ Western
This is the Yutzu to share info about Digital Humanities @ Western. Here you can have documents, links, discussions, .... Please, feel free to collaborate and enrich the DH community. ...
CulturePlex reference materials
En este yutzu, los miembros de CulturePlex recopilaremos materiales pertinentes a los proyectos de investigación que realizamos.
The Hispanic Baroque Project
The project, “The Hispanic Baroque: Complexity in the first Atlantic culture”, is the fruit of efforts of a group of 35 researchers from universities in different countries (Canada, Spain, Mexico, ...
New methodological approach to the Comedias of Calderon
This Yutzu is a summary of a doctoral dissertation (in progress) that is part of the ClturePlex Lab at UWO.   With the use of new tools and a slightly ...
This presentation was presented at THATCamp 2011 at UWO. Presenters: Karthick Ramachadran, Dr. Juan Luis Suarez, Camelia Nunez    The presentation introduced Yutzu, an online content management tool and present different ways ...
Revista Digital Bibliotype
Revista CulturePlex es el nombre provisional de una clase de curso de humanidades digitales para estudiantes graduados y subgraduados que enseñaría HTML5, diseño y narración y edición digital. Cada curso ... NO es el nombre de la plataforma online y del proyecto de investigación y enseñanza sobre objetos y fenómenos culturales del mundo hispánico que acabamos de empezar en el ... es el proyecto de humanidades digitales, literatura y enseñanza que acabamos de empezar en el CulturePlex Lab y esperamos poner en marcha en varios cursos de literatura en diferentes ...
VL3: A Virtual Laboratory for Language Learning (Insight Development Grants)
Draft of the application for the February 1, 2011 competition of SSHRC's Insight Development Grants VL3: A Virtual Laboratory for Language Learning
The CulturePlex Opening
Materials for the official opening of The CulturePlex Lab, 18 November, 2010
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